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ScholzvonGleich LLP ("SvG") was founded in 2011 by Stefan Scholz and Alexander von Gleich in response to the increasing need for an independent financial advisory firm in Kazakhstan and across Central Asia, to provide professional financial advisory services in relation to Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Capital Markets, Financings, Restructurings, Privatizations, and related matters to corporations, individuals, governments and other clients.

SvG has since been recognized as a specialist for complex deals, providing un-biased and professional advice on mid-sized to large transactions across the region out of its offices in Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Following Alexander von Gleich’s exit from the firm in August 2014, Stefan Scholz is the firm’s sole owner and managing partner, and SvG continues to providing exceptional transaction support to domestic and international clients alike.

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